Stop asking leading questions!

By January 30, 2017UX

Last night i was doing some research for a mobile project i am working on, and managed to stumble upon some user testing videos.

Essentially it was a company (will remain unnamed) that was testing their latest App, the App looked nice, it was relatively informative from what i seen and the set up they had was great, all the latest tech and the videos looked really neatly produced.

However. This is where it all fell down. The question set that the subject was being asked happened to be really leading and they struggled to get any feedback which wasn’t off the users own back.

Don’t ask… “Why did you like this app?”

Ask.. “How was your experience?” or, “Which parts of the experience stood out to you?”

Don’t ask… “How much better is the new version than the original home page?”

Ask… “Compare the new version of the home page to the original. Which do you prefer?”.

You will get fairer results and get more from the testing experience.