Questions you should ask yourself about your Website Homepage

When planning your website, the homepage should answer some crucial questions! Have a look, see if your homepage would tick these boxes!

Q. What is this site about? What does it offer me?

The very first question the majority of users will ask when they come to a new website is relatively straight forward “what is this?”. They want to understand clearly what the website offers or what the brand presents is all about.

Q. Is it for me?

The next question which will flash through their head is that they want to be assured of what the website it is or if your product or service is truly for them.

Q. Whats the cost?

Well done, If you managed to keep your users attention this far, the next thing they will want to know is how much it all costs.

Q. Why should I trust you?

Users are always more comfortable when they are reassured about a product or service via proof that people have actually found it useful or enjoyable. Your homepage should reassure your visitors that you know what your doing and they can trust you….

Q. How do i get started?

FINALLY you should have convinced your visitors to choose you above everyone else in your sector, they are ready to get started and speak to you. You need to show clear instruction on what they need to do next, be it a contact form – contact details or sign up.

Your website homepage is the conduit to get your customers/users through to speaking to you, buying from you etc. If you manage not to answer the questions listed above you might be losing vital customers to the competition.

Here at Smashed towers we offer consultancy, we will go through user testing and show you viable and truthful data to back up any decision or outcome we get to.

We want to make sure your website is working for you the way it should…!

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