Fonts, glorious fonts.

By November 3, 2014Typography

Everyone here at Smashed has their own favourite font. Be it free or premium, we love them all the same. We thought we would list some of the fonts we love to use from Googles fonts service.

Open Sans – The Current King!
Open Sans was designed by Steve Matteson and comes in 10 different styles, from light to extra bold. The font itself is very simple, professional, and clean, yet it’s very exciting. It has many subtle characteristics such as the capital J with a descender that goes beyond the baseline. Open Sans looks beautiful in small and larger sizes, but the extra bold variation is pure perfection.

Roboto – The Contender
Roboto was designed by Christian Robertson and is the official font family of the Android operating system. Roboto comes in 12 styles with weights ranging from thin to ultra-bold. The font is very modern and essentially combines the best aspects of classic fonts such as Helvetica, Arial, and Univers. Regular Roboto font feels slightly condensed so it allows more characters per line.

Lato – Our Bit On The Side.
Lato is perhaps the most unique and interesting sans-serif font on this list. It was designed by Łukasz Dziedzic and includes 10 styles. It goes from thin all the way to ultra-bold. The letters in Lato have some unique curves which can only be seen in larger sizes. That’s not to say that Lato doesn’t work well in smaller sizes, it’s just that it loses many interesting properties when done so.

PT Sans – Our Old Lover
PT Sans was designed by ParaType and it comes in 4 styles, normal and bold and italic versions of each. Although it seems like 4 styles are just not enough, they are perfectly fine for most people. Of course, if you’re a designer, you’ll cringe at the thought of only 4 styles and just 2 weights. Helvetica Neue has made us a bit spoiled in that regard. PT Sans has some funky characteristics such as the capital Q’s tail, which sits outside the letter and it makes the letter look more dynamic.

Truth is we could list about 1000000 fonts here we love, and have had many an argument about what fonts we want to list. Out of all our google font loves, the above came out the most used.

So what are your favourite fonts? Let us know.